Android Development

This entry was posted on Jan 12 2011

After putting myself through a crash course in Java it was time to tackle Android development. I’ve wanted to learn how to modify software on mobile phones ever since I had my first one many years ago. However, being an open source nut it wasn’t until the Android platform became available that I finally took the plunge.

After some research I decided the best way to teach myself Android was to purchase Professional Android 2 Application Development by Reto Meier. As it states in the book, Reto works as an Android Developer Advocate at Google and has been involved with Android since 2007.

Learning Android was a lot harder than I anticipated. It is very different from web development as some might expect but the learning curve was greater than expected. I laughed when a colleague at one job told me he would rather get hit by a tram than learn how to develop with Android a second time. I’ve found many people have found it tough but maybe that’s because most of my tech friends are web developers.

The book starts of introducing you to the development environment (Eclipse) and creating your first Hello World application before going through each of the different facets of what makes up and Android application.This includes the activities  (views/display elements), adding menus, listening to events and creating events, file and database functionality and integrating with other applications like maps.

I don’t think it’s the publication that makes Android difficult to learn but the concepts themselves. Looking back it doesn’t seem to difficult. You just need to get your head around the way things are done the Android way. Now just to find some time to build something.

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