Value in Gaining AWS Certification

This entry was posted on Feb 20 2019

I’ve been building systems with Linux for 20 years now but things have really changed since the cloud has evolved. Most of my experience with creating hosting solutions was to host web applications that I was working on, either personal or commercial.

Over this time I have moved away from requesting that a data centre provision a new server for me, and then waiting days, to opening up a web console to create new servers on the fly just by clicking a mouse – which creates them immediately. Technology has advanced so much that now Amazon, Google and Microsoft all provide cutting-edge cloud environments to host software applications.

I have been using Amazon’s AWS for over 4 years but had failed to learn a lot of what it offered. This is due to web applications only requiring a small subset of services but also because Amazon keeps adding new services. In order to stay current and to show my skill at developing environments on AWS I thought it was a good idea to get certified. By studying for the exam, what I already knew was reinforced but I also learnt about the things I hadn’t had the time or need to learn.

It was a worthwhile experience and can give potential employers and clients the comfort that I know what I’m doing.

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