A Working Example of SQL Injection

This entry was posted on May 10 2019

I started a small project recently to create a PHP based web page that is vulnerable to SQL injection to better understand how a site can be compromised and what someone can do once they’ve exploited the vulnerability. SQL injection is possible when a software developer doesn’t properly handle data sent by a user with their browser through a form or in the URL. By running this example you will learn that it is quite easy to gain shell access to a server when data is handled poorly.

The project which can be forked on Github steps you through setting up and running a virtual machine, abuse the SQL vulnerability and eventually gain shell access. Once a vulnerability has been found, it only takes five steps to gain shell access.

There are several examples of what can be done but you’re also walked through gaining shell access. It’s really quite simple. If you’re interested in web application security I suggest giving it a go. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to get through it.

View the project on Github.

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