RESTful API Development

For the last two years I have focused my development on building RESTful APIs, both the code and the AWS infrastructure that hosts them. With Yii2 PHP framework came a lot of in-built API functionality that allows for clean, robust and easily testable APIs to be built with speed and ease.

With APIs, rather than traditional websites, I can build that backend that is consumed by more clients, such as Android and iOS apps as well web-apps*, or even third parts services. One backend for them all. This separation helps with development as most of the business logic can be done in the one location (backend). Otherwise the apps will have to duplicate this functionality unnecessarily.

APIs are built following the best practices and come with the following attributes:

  • Unit and integration testing
  • Documentation with Swagger
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Redundancy
  • Fast


* A single page website that is an application rather than an informational site.