Business Application Development

Custom business applications can greatly improve productivity by having a central place to contain the data and systems required to run your business smoothly. Examples of this might be accounting software or stock control systems. I find that companies are using Excel spreadsheets to maintain and share data and run their processes but this is far from an ideal solution and has many limitations and problems.

I build web based applications using proven technologies to specifications tailored to the business’ needs. These applications are fast, robust and easy to use. Another great benefit of this is that it’s accessible to anyone who has an internet connection.

Benefits of a web based business application:

  • Purpose built to exact requirements
  • Different systems can be integrated into one
  • Improved productivity
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Information easily shared
  • Accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Backups are restoration are fast and simplified
  • Application easier to maintain and update
  • No licensing fees

If you are interested in learning more about how I can help your business, please send an email to damien {at} doublehops(.)com