Learning Java

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Sep 10 2010

Recently I took the task to learn Java. I do not intend to explicitly get a job in Java development or work with it as a hobby. I decided to learn Java because I am very interested in Android development and the Android framework is built with Java. I have a tendency when learning new things to learn them from the foundation. Therefore when taking on Android, I had to start by learning at least a moderate amount of Java first.

I believe the best way to teach yourself a new technology is to buy a book on the topic. This is because it will walk you through all the steps from concept, through fundamentals to coding and implementation of the topic. The alternative is to learn fro the web but generally you’ll end up reading tutorials here and there and not grasping the technology as a whole. Situations will arise that you don’t understand because you don’t have the full understanding.

Anyway, I found a book by Herbert Schildt called Java – A Beginners Book – Fourth Edition. Quite annoying after all these years to have to read a beginners book but I knew Java was not going to be the easiest thing to learn so I must start from there.

With some experience in C and being a long term OOP PHP developer, I found that the book was quite easy to follow. The OOP implementation was very much the same as PHP with a few subtle differences.

The book is quite thorough at 670 pages and took me a lot longer than I hoped to get through. I have to say that I am satisfied that I have a great understanding of Java and am comfortable moving forward to Android development. Wish me luck.