Linux Wireless Driver For The Macbook Pro (B4331)

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Jan 25 2012

I purchased a Macbook Pro many months ago and tried using it as a development machine for my PHP/MySQL/Nginx projects but I found I hated the lack of a good package manager like Aptitude (apt-get) and my favourite window manager Fluxbox so I ultimately removed Macosx for my preferred platform of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Debian.

This was great but I now had new frustrations of having no wireless as Apple had sourced a little known Broadcom wireless device (B4331) for their products that had no native drivers for Linux. I had been perseveering for over five months using LAN cables and tethering from my phone whilst waiting for an elegant solution to become available to get the device to work. Up until now, at best there seemed to just be poor and unreliable methods to get the device to work that I couldn’t risk my dev machine on in case it affected my machine too much, like the constant lockups some people experience.

But yesterday I found an article from Raimer Sandner which walked you through installing the driver and avoiding the pitfalls found with the other methods. It took me about 10 minutes to follow the steps and now I’m finally free of wires.